You say I don’t have time, I say BS.

Everyone has the same 24 hours every day. No-one has learned how to give themselves more time. What is really going on? You don’t know how to manage your time. Is that blunt enough?

I hear all the excuses all the time… Kids, Ill health, too much work… I still call bullshit.

Think: How much TV or Netflix do you watch? How much time do you spend playing games or socialising? How much time do you spend on social media?

Time management is your key to change! Learn to prioritise your time. To prioritise you need to have goals. To reach your goals you need motivation. To motivate yourself you need to understand WHY you want to achieve your goals. If that isn’t enough to prompt intrinsic motivation, try an extrinsic solution like Habitica. (Check out Thomas Franks video). With Habitica you can gamify your life and form some positive daily habits using extrinsic motivation.

People who manage their time well will understand their commitments and deadlines. They will have scheduled their time accordingly and are unlikely to overcommit. If a good time manager says I don’t have time, it usually means they can’t justify spending their time. They are more interested in spending their time on what they deem more important in achieving their goals.

You can be bed ridden and still make money, educate yourself or do something towards your goals. You can listen to podcasts or participate in phone meetings, make money, educate yourself from almost anywhere in the world, maybe while you are travelling or lying on the couch.

Are you not Happy? Why? Have you set your goals? You can be happy by pulling yourself out of debt rather than buying shiny things if you are focused on your goals, plan, and manage your time effectively.

Have I just changed your life? Want help? Want to hear more? Or maybe you totally disagree? Comment below or mention me on Twitter, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

.: Feature Image: Time by Matt (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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