5 Things you can do to expose yourself online

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Many of us complain about the direct correlation between data security and convenience, by this I mean those additional security steps which are enforced upon us, password complexity, two factor authentication, security questions, forced password changes… I think you get the idea. Since we all hate inconvenience, I thought I’d put together this handy guide of 5 simple things you can do to expose yourself online! (I mean, decrease your inconvenience).

5) Share your password!

What happens under your credentials you are responsible for but at the end of the day, it is way more convenient to get your friend or colleague to login for you to do something right? So, go right ahead, share around that password, or Pro tip, write your password on a post-it note and stick it to your computer.

4) Simple password!

Make sure you keep your password as simple as possible. If you are forced to use complex passwords, pick a simple word, capitalise it, and add a number on the end. ie: Password1 is simple and easy to remember. bonus points if you increase the number each time you are forced to change it. You’ll always remember your passwords, and if anyone else wants to use your account, they’ll be able to as well! Double bonus!

3) Turn off internet security!

It’s true, they slow your computer down so turning them off or better still, uninstalling them will mean your programs and files will load and run faster without first having to be scanned by these resource hungry programs. You’ll probably get some free bonus programs installed that you hadn’t expected too! Anything free and fast is good right?

2) Tell everyone who you are!

You have nothing to hide right? so why not just be open about everything? You run a business? share your personal mobile so clients can contact you anytime? You want all those potential significant others to know you are young and single? How about your personal beliefs, favourite colours? This helps let everyone identify you and know who you really are. this can only be a good thing. Will also help your friends easily pretend they are you to help you with your social media accounts too!

1) Email your credit card details!

Been looking for a convenient way to send someone your credit card details? Just email them, everyone has email, so you’ll know that they receive them, and then they will always be available in your email if you need them again (and your recipients). Worried about security? Don’t be, only 22% of all reported breaches are of email systems, and only 65% of US adults have been a victim of cyber security breach.

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